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Different types of drugs
And their effects

There are 3 main types of drugs. But before we get into this more into depth, I suggest you checking out our pages: "What are drugs?", and "What are Genetics". With that put a side, the 3 main types of drugs are: Stimulants (like Cocaine), Depressants (like Alcohol), and Hallucinogens (like Heroin). Stimulants are basically drugs that make you feel excited, and REALLY active. They make brain signals go much faster.  Depressants make signals of the brain go slower, and slower, so you go slow too. And hallucinogens, well, they make you see things that aren't there. They make you hallucinate.  Some of the most famous Stimulants are: Cocaine, Meth, Amphetamines, and Ecstasy. Some famous Depressants are: Alcohol, Cannabis, or Marijuana, and GHB. Some famous Hallucinogens are: LSD, magic mushrooms, and Ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy is classified as both a depressant and a Hallucinogen. No wonder it is one of the most dangerous drugs EVER.

Here's one video by ClickView that resumes this in a stunning 2:49 minutes!

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