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Thanks for checking out our page. If you liked your visit on our site, we would really appreciate you to donate for us to keep this website running, to pay for the domain, and to remove ads (of course, a small percentage [about 3-5%] will be for us). You can tell us if you want to donate by the chat, or by sending us an email (down below). You can choose to pay to: Make the site better, or donate to a charity. Of course, this is all optional, and it is completely up to you if you want to donate. Also, when we reach 100$ in donations for charities, we will give the money. When that happens, we will make a post saying where the money will go. Also, for those who donate, we will send a private e-mail saying that we reached 100$, and where the money will go. Thanks for listening.

You can email us from the following emails: (Fernando) and (JT).
Or you can just talk to us in the chat in the corner!

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