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Now... What are Genetics?


First, let me say that this is a "sequel" (if you can call it that) from our page: "What are Drugs?". So if you haven't seen that, the I recommend you to seeing it.

With that out of the way,  there is the question "What are genetics?". The answer is much more complex than what it seems.

Genetics is the study of how a gene gets passed on from generation to generation, for example, take the color of you hair. it may be blonde, black red, etc. etc. Now look at your Mom and dad's hair. is your mom or dad's hair color yours? Or is it different? If it is different, then a new gene must have been created. And if your parent's hair color is the same as yours, then your parent's gene must have passed on. Same with most of your physical traits. Skin color, height, eye color, etc. etc. That's kind of genetics. 

It's also something that maybe many of you have heard of. DNA. DNA (short for (long name warning) Deoxyribonucleic acid) is practically your genes. DNA is inside your cells (Which you can find in your blood).


This video was made by National Geographic

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